The early Muslims prayed facing Jerusalem, before the direction was changed towards the Kaba during the first years after the Hijra. Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) also prayed at Al-Aqsa during the Night Journey.

Al Aqsa - Haram al Sharif

The only land on earth where Allah, Most High, united over 124,000 Prophets upon it, including Abraham, Moses, Jesus, and the elect of Allah’s creation.

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According to Christian belief, Prophet Isa/Jesus (pbuh) was born in Bethlehem.

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In Hebron we find the burial place of Prophet Ibrahim (pbuh). A Prophet (pbuh) important for both Muslims and Jews.

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This album contains pictues from both churches of Annunciation, Capharnaum and the Church and Mount of Beatitudes

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Masada is a site of ancient palaces and fortifications on top of an isolated rock plateau. Masada is famous for its attributed mythic significance when a siege by the Roman Empire led to a mass suicide of Jewish fugitives.

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