started in June 2006 by the amateur photographer Athar Akram - residing in Norway. This project started after he travelled to Palestine in June 2004, Istanbul in October 2005 and Islamabad in 2006.

After he married in autumn 2006, they travelled to Morocco, Spain, Syria and Lebanon. In July 2007 they went to Saudi Arabia for their first Umrah together.

We have since been several times to Saudi Arabia for Umrah and had stopovers in Istanbul. We travelled to Egypt in 2009 and then to China, Malaysia and Singapore in 2010. In 2011 and 2013 we went to Dubai.

One of our aims with this project is to share high quality pictures from our journeys to Islamic historical places around the world. We also have pictures from places that are related to other religions which we have visited on our journeys.

MuslimPhotos is a resource for others, who needs pictures of Islamic and Muslim places for their projects. We currently contribute with pictures for magazines, poster makers, calendars in addition to web sites on the Internet.

It is also MuslimPhotos’ aim to promote positive sides of Islam and Muslims, as violence and terrorism are not dominant sides of its people and not a part of the religion - contrary to the image one gets from main stream media. Showing pictures of our cultural heritage and architecture is a great way of doing that.

MuslimPhotos can of course also be used to plan one's travels and holidays.

The database has also an educational side, as many students would be eager to go these places, but maybe can't find the means. Photos are a good substitute.

Thank you for visiting MuslimPhotos and thank you for reading.

Athar & Farhat