Islamic Arts Museum

South East Asia's largest Museum of Islamic Arts , housing more than seven thousand artefacts, as well has an exceptional library of Islamic-art books.
DSC 1360 DSC 1363 DSC 1365 DSC 1367 DSC 1370 DSC 1373
DSC 1375 DSC 1385 DSC 1393 DSC 1397 DSC 1400  Wadi Hussain Mosque is one of the oldest in Thailand. It is constructed entirely of wood an survives today in its original form. Unique features such as the radial roof structure make this mosque notable. Built in 1621 / 1040 AH DSC 1402  Tengkera Mosque, Mallacca Malaysia
DSC 1403  Built in the first half of the 18th century, Masjid Kampung Laut is Malaysia’s oldest surviving wooden mosque. It measures 16 square meters x 16 meters in height. Constructed of timber post and beams, the most distinctive feature of the mosque it is three-tired roof. The well-preserved mosque is ranked among Malaysia’s best examples of Southeast Asian mosques. Built in 18th Century / 12th Century AH DSC 1404 DSC 1407  Masjid Quba in Madinah, Saudi Arabia. See other pictures of   this Mosque   in the Saudi Arabia, Madinah section of MuslimPhotos DSC 1408 DSC 1409  Ummayyad Mosque, Damascus, Syria. Pictures of this Mosque will soon be published on MuslimPhots DSC 1410  Masjid ibn Tulun. Please see more pictures of  this Mosque   in the Egypt, Cairo section of MuslimPhotos
DSC 1411  Dome of the Rock. Please see other pictures of  this Mosque   in the  Palestine, Haram al-Sharif section of MuslimPhotos. DSC 1419 DSC 1421 DSC 1422 DSC 1424 DSC 1594