The Sahaba Amr ibn al 'As (r.a.) conquered Egypt in 640. In 641 he founded Fustat - the new capital of Egypt, where he also built Africa's first Mosque. Fustat is now a part of Old Cairo.


Sayyida Zaynab RA was one of the daughters of Hadrat Ali, and a blessed grandchild of the Prophet (pbuh). She is either burried here in Cairo, in Damascus or in Medina .

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Imam Hussein

The Mosque of Imam Hussein in Cairo. It is believed that the head of the Prophet's (pbuh) grandson is burried here.

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Amr Ibn al Aas

Founded by the Sahaba Amr Ibn al Aas (r.a) and was the first Mosque of Africa. His son is burried here.

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Imam Shafi

The founder of the Shafi madhab, imam Shafi, is burried here.

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Ibn Tulun

One of Cairo's oldest (from the late 800's) and most remarkable Mosques. It's architecture is astonishing.

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Madrasa of Sarghatmish

A mosque and madrassa which lies just next to the Mosque of Ibn Tulun. A study place for Hanafi students.

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Al Azhar

A Mosque and one of the oldest Universities in the world.

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Al Azhar Park

A large and relaxing family park with a great view to the Citdael.

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Salah al Din Ayoubi's fortress.

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Moez Street

A buzy shopping street

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The Copts are Christians who have been living in Egypt of centuries.

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The famous river runs through Cairo city. Picture taken from a cruise ship, associated with the hotel we stayed at.

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Phironic Era

Pictures from the Ancient Egypt - or the Era of the Pharaos.

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Soor el Azbakeya - The famous Bookmarket of Cairo.

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Saleh al Jafery

An event

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Souk and Streets

General pictures from the city

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